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Constructed Peace Editorial 2022
New Gold Standard Editorial 2021
Field Guide to Constructed Peace Editorial 2022
Seen Unseen Editorial 2021
The After Monument Identity 2022
Measuring Light and Illumiination Editorial 2023
Chronobiology and Health Lab Identity 2023
Uncolour Type+Identity 2022
Unknown Conformity Editorial 2020
101 Space Identity 2020
Martin Goya Type+Identity 2020
Creativity on the Move Identity 2020
ELIA Leadership Symposium Editorial 2019
Nutridex Identity 2019

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Constructed Peace Editorial 2022

Size / Binding 150x220mm / 154pg / Sewn Softcover Otabind
Printing Jubels Amsterdam / Metallic Silver Spot Colour + ColorLibrary Profile
The resulting thesis of one year of research in to how the design of defensive infrastructure in Northern Ireland, particularly the Belfast Peace Line, reflect the intentions and current situation of the Peace Process in Northern Ireland. The walls were built as a temporary solution that today still define a divided co-existence. [Part of DAE Graduation Project]

New Gold Standard Editorial 2021

Size / Binding 210x275mm / 110pg / Softcover with Aluminium Spine
Printing Silkscreened Metallic Gold Ink
Outcome of research exploring methods to view and analyse how the the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are manipulated. The entire book takes the form of a graph, bringing to light the nonsense and greed that dictates its value, whilst allowing these layers of information to become more tangible to the reader. The book used a custom inDesign script to display the graph on each page.

Field Guide to Constructed Peace Editorial 2022

Size / Binding 100x185mm / 110pg / Softcover with Vinyl Cover
As segregation of spaces through the walls of the so-called Peace Line continues, it becomes ever more difficult for these walls to be removed. Materially too, the walls have slowly transitioned from temporary metal sheets to permanent steel, concrete and brick that blend into the urban fabric, disguising their main purpose. Through the format of a Field Guide, this project reemphasises the abnormality of these structures and questions their legitimacy as a permanent solution. [Part of DAE Graduation Project]

Seen Unseen Editorial 2021

Size / Binding 185x270mm / 44pg / Saddle Stitched
A photo book juxtaposing the visible aspects of division with the unseen, yet pervasive societal rifts in Northern Ireland. [Early Part of DAE Graduation Project]

The After Monument Identity 2021

Additional Credits Poster: Arian Norton / Identity: Arian + Johanna / Printing: Arian + Santiago + Nick
Poster 420x594mm / 2-Colour RISO Print
Poster and identity for an event marking the launch of the After Monuments platform, a collaborative research project from the Information Design department at DAE.

Measuring Light and Illumination Editorial 2023

Size / Binding 170x240mm / 132pg / Saddle Stitched
Printing DPN Rikken / 4-Colour Offset Print
Client Daylight Academy (Switzerland)
Academic publication featuring the research outcomes from the Daylight Academy Interdisciplinary Summer School. The design drew inspiration from the cyanometer and its shades of blue. 'Light is not just a source of illumination but a force that shapes our daily rhythms, from the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep.'

Chronobiology and Health Lab Identity 2023

Client TUMunich
[WIP] Identity for a university research lab. The lab operates under two separate names and logos, but uses a unified design language for publications and the identity.

Uncolour Typeface / Identity 2022

Client UNCOLOUR Studios
[WIP] Typeface (logo and title) and identity for a biodegradable and bio-based silkscreen ink startup company based in the Netherlands and Italy.

Unknown Conformity Editorial 2020

Size / Binding 145x210mm / 64pg / Softcover Stitch
A research project exploring the role standards play in our lives. Almost every object produced and every interaction with the world has at least some set of rules and norms linked to it, set by organisations like ISO. The book reveals layer-by-layer these unknown complexities.

101 Space Identity 2020

Credits Design: Arian Norton + Meishuzhi + 702Design (Hangzhou, China)
Identity and signage system for a luxury furniture store in Hangzhou, China.

Martin Goya Typeface / Identity 2020

Credits Design: Arian Norton + Meishuzhi + 702Design (Hangzhou, China)
Typeface and identity for the personal branding of Martin Goya, a Hangzhou based contemporary artist. The typeface was designed to appear like an alien script in smaller font sizes, but remain legible as a title and in the logo.

Creativity on the Move Identity 2020

Client K11 / Culture Holland
Additional Credits Design: Arian Norton + Shum Wanwai
Identity for an event hosted in Shanghai, China by the Dutch Embassy and Culture Holland, bringing together Dutch and Chinese design.

ELIA Leadership Symposium Editorial/Identity 2019

Client ELIA - Artschools
Size / Binding 145x210mm / 42pg / Saddle Stitch
Booklet and identity for a conference held by ELIA, bringing together leading educators in design. This conference marked the first time it was held in China.

Nutridex Identity 2019

Printing Four Colour RISO Print
Graphics and RISO prints for a concept food brand, centered around a system for personalised meals.

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